Ready2improve CVBA helps people in their journey towards a healthier and more balanced way of life. We achieve this by a behavioural change trajectory in which we give individuals and companies the opportunity to change their unhealthy habits and create strong competencies. All this can be accomplished by psychological, physical, behavioural and environmental interventions.

Our approach of coaching is on the one hand very classic because of the regular character of the coaching sessions, on the other hand, the formula, is also very unique: R2i combines exercise and motivational interviewing in each session. The offer of R2i exists of personal coaching’s for individuals and a series of formulas for groups or organisations. For that, we can fall back on a multidisciplinary team (psychologists, sport coaches, dieticians and an industrial designer), all providing their own specific knowledge and experiences.

One of the main principles of our company is that what we do has to be based on proven scientific fundaments. That is why we are continuously exploring the SOTA in motivational theories and coaching techniques. This to keep our coaching method up-to-date and therefore guard the quality of our coaching’s.

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Ready2improve CVBA

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