level title WP Beneficiary
PUD.1.1. Personalised With-Me use case scenarios1TecnaliaPUD.1.2. State-of-the art report on health prevention1Auditdata
COD.1.4. Technical requirements specification1VTT
PUD.2.1. SOTA on human motivation theory and coaching strategies2Ready2improve
PPD.2.10. Coaching system reference module2VTT
PUD.2.2. Conscious user motivation profiling2TUTPUD.2.3. Unconscious motivators and barriers2CimnePUD.2.4. An overview of the most effective persuasive methods in motivating users2HIGPUD.2.5. Evaluating engaging UX concepts2CimnePUD.2.6. Social interaction and services 2AuditdataPUD.2.7. Emotion detection and classification 2Tecnalia
PPD.2.8. Emotion detection and classification 2Tecnalia
PUD.2.9. Coaching system evaluation2VTT
PPD.3.03. With-Me framework architecture3Vitalsys
PPD.3.04. Design of the With-Me services3Firstbeat
PPD.3.05. Rules to interpret the mechanical and the physiological sensors3IBV
PPD.3.06. Final With-Me framework architecture3Vitalsys
PPD.3.07. Final Design of With-Me services3Firstbeat
PPD.3.08. Overview of contribution to standards3RGB
PPD.3.1. State of the art3Vitalsys
PPD.3.2. Specification of data model3RGB
PUD.4.01. Interoperable unobtrusive sensor and biosensor4VitalsysPUD.4.02. With-Me Middleware construction4VTTPUD.4.03. With-Me services framework development4VTTPUD.4.04. Tailored Pilots for national experimentations4Mediconsult
COD.4.05. Prototyping/manufacturing/purchasing equipment and final integration 4Inabensa
PUD.4.06. Tool Platform: Application development kit4Atos
PPD.5.01. Evaluation plan report5Mediconsult
PPD.5.02. Component Evaluation5Mawell Care
PPD.5.03. Service evaluation5HIG
PPD.5.04. Technology usability test report5HIG
PPD.5.05. End-to-end usability test report5Mawell Care
PPD.5.06. Pilot test report5Mawell Care
PPD.5.07. Demonstration systems5Inabensa
PUD.6.01. With-Me watch reports6RGB
RED.6.02. Market and stakeholder Analysis6
RED.6.03. Business Plan6Ariadna
RED.6.04. Business Impact Model6
PUD.6.05. Recommendations on open source licenses for new developments6Ariadna
COD.6.06. Standardization activities 6RGB
PUD.6.07. Dissemination Plan6AriadnaPUD.6.08. Project web site6Atos
COD.6.09. Report on dissemination activities (internal)6Cimne
RED.7.01. Risk Identification and Management & Quality plan7Atos
COD.7.02. Periodic activity report for Artemis Office7Atos
RED.7.03. Final management report7Atos

El proyecto With-Me está cofinanciado por el Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo